CS 8100 3D Extraoral Imaging System

Feb 18 • 1 minute read


The CS 8100 3D extraoral imaging system gives our practice the ability to capture both high quality 2D and 3D digital images, all while limiting dose exposure, which means a safer and quicker dental visit for our patients. Digital images are available for viewing almost immediately and some images can even be captured in as little as seven seconds, using 50 percent less radiation than standard image capture.  


The true-to-life, high resolution images that 3D technology provides means that Dr. Kattuah has the most accurate view of patients’ anatomy for improved diagnostic, treatment planning and surgical predictability. Additionally, the CS 8100 3D provides more services in-office, reducing Dr. Kattuah's need to refer patients to outside imaging centers: That means fewer visits and faster treatment for you.


As patient well-being is always our top concern, the innovative patient-centric design of the CS 8100 3D helps us obtain high-quality images while always taking your comfort into consideration. The open design of the CS 8100 3D makes exams more comfortable and less stressful for patients; the unit can also capture images whether a patient is seated or standing, ensuring that you’re at ease no matter what.   

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