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What’s the Best Toothpaste? Depends.

Have you ever perused the dental products aisle in a grocery store or large chain such as Walmart or Target and thought about which toothpaste would be best for your needs? This question is one of the more common questions I get from my patients and to answer that the best way that I can I would need to know... read more »

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Connecting the Dots: The Impact of Dental Care on Heart Health

In the intricate web of our body's interconnected systems, the health of one often influences the well-being of another. One such surprising connection lies between dental care and heart health. While it may seem unlikely that the condition of our teeth and gums could affect the beating of our hearts, mounting evidence suggests a profound link. In this post, we... read more »

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How Long Should Dental Work Last?

Whenever I present treatment options to patients who need treatment, a question that many patients often ask me is “How long will this last”?  The answer to that question is often uncertain and complex. As dentists, we strive to give our patients the best possible treatment with high quality and longevity. Whether the restoration provided is a filling, crown, or... read more »

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Wisdom Teeth: Facts and Myths

Third molars or wisdom teeth are one of the most common teeth that are removed today. These teeth erupt at around the age of 17-21 years. Why do so many people end up having their wisdom teeth removed? Well, to answer that question I have put together some facts and myths about wisdom teeth and will explain each statement as... read more »

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Is Having Dental Insurance Really Necessary?

We are often asked, “What’s the best dental insurance to have?” Of course, the answer to that question would depend on many different things. More often than not I will tell patients that the best dental insurance is whatever is offered to you by your employer -- even better if given a choice of plans. When comes to defining dental... read more »

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What You Can Do To Maintain Your Best Oral Health

A new year is upon us and what better time to discuss the best ways to maintain oral health. There are many factors that influence oral health and most of them can be controlled by us. Among those are diet, hygiene, and general health. I will discuss each of these factors independently but before I do so I will mention... read more »

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Tooth Replacement Options – Part 3

In previous articles, I talked about the two tooth replacement options that have been around for a long time and are the most popular -- fixed and removable bridges. In this entry, I will discuss the final tooth replacement option, dental implants. Dental implants have been used for many years to replace missing teeth but not as long as fixed... read more »

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Tooth Replacement Options – Part 2

In my previous blog entry, I discussed the tooth replacement option of a full or partial removable denture. The next tooth replacement option that dentistry has to offer is a fixed bridge. Both the removable and fixed dental prostheses are what I like to consider 20th-century dentistry, in that both of these options were the only options for restoring missing... read more »

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Tooth Replacement Options – Part 1

If you’ve had the misfortune of removing one or more functional teeth, today’s dentistry offers several different tooth replacement solutions. In this blog entry, I will focus on the removable tooth replacement option. This option, commonly known as dentures, is usually the least expensive solution to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be designed to replace all teeth in an arch... read more »

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I Had To Get a Tooth Pulled, Now What?

Many people have had to experience having a tooth or teeth removed over the course of their lives. With the exception of wisdom teeth, losing teeth can lead to many different issues that can have negative consequences over time. Some of these issues can be more severe than others. For the vast majority of patients losing a front tooth is... read more »